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Daily Pick'em - Account Deletion Request

Welcome to Daily Pick'em, the app where you can make your daily picks!

Please read the following information carefully regarding account deletion:

App Information

App Name: Daily Pick'em

Data Collected

Data collected by Daily Pick'em is limited to the email address associated with your Facebook account (if you signed in via Facebook and chose to share it). No other personally identifiable data is collected or stored.

Account Deletion Request

If you created an account and want to delete it, please follow the steps below based on your login method:

If you signed in via Facebook:

To delete your Daily Pick'em account, please follow the instructions provided by Facebook on how to delete apps associated with your account. You can find these instructions by visiting the following link: Facebook App Deletion Help.

Deleting your Daily Pick'em account via Facebook will also remove all associated data with your account, including the email address used for sign-in.

If you never created an account or signed in:

If you used Daily Pick'em anonymously without creating an account or signing in, there is no personally identifiable data collected or stored, and no action is needed for account deletion.

If you have any additional questions or requests, please contact our support team.